S3 - Episode 11 - Everything Was a Laser Noise

By Ben Brown

As Tourette Awareness Month continues, we hear Jason from Australia, a guest as warm and comforting as hot chocolate, throw down some seriously quotable stuff here about accepting Tourette Syndrome, laughing about it from time to time, and being a darn good parent. Medication, meditation, gaming, mentoring and more discussed.

Plus: a couple special announcements.

But we start with a question -- should we rename Tourette Syndrome? Yes, that question is going around.

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S3 - Episode 10 - Exorcism

By Ben Brown

For Episode 10 of Season 3, we've called a doctor. (Yes, one with TS.) Clay Jones, M.D., is a pediatrician with a frequent byline on the widely read Science-Based Medicine (SBM) blog and is co-host of The Prism Podcast, which explores science, skepticism and the perils of not being an informed or careful seeker of what should be life-improving solutions.

That's kind of an uncomfortable subject to dig into sometimes, particularly within the Tourette community. I've heard from Touretters asking whether I've tried certain alternative "remedies" or "healing" practices, or if I know anyone who has. What's tough about that is we as Touretters don't have a wholesale, go-to, zap-it-away solution presently. And as noted in a previous post here, current insurance protocols don't make it any easier.

That may lead individuals searching for relief wherever hope might be -- which, sadly, is the scenario that swindlers love. That's not to say there's no merit in looking outside the mainstream for a solution that might work for you when all else has failed. Just be careful. Really careful. Ask questions. Ask for the science behind it, and don't accept feelgood anecdotes as a substitute. Some listeners I've heard from are desperate -- the word used -- for relief from complicated TS. Clay, on this episode, discusses his own TS before helping us develop our defenses against peddlers of illegitimate answers.

Clay Jones, M.D., on Science-Based Medicine https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/author/clayjones/

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S3 - Episode 9 - Not Real Housewives of Tourette or Anything

Packed episode with an amazing guest -- one you might already know. Kristin Moorehead has been on A&E's "Raising Tourette's" and continues strong advocacy for the community with the kind of humor that connects. Great lessons in advocacy, finding resources, and having a laugh. Plus: A non-Touretter question answered and followups to recent haps in TS science.


A Patient-Centered Perspective on the Future of Tic Disorder Diagnosis: Response to “Tic disorders revisited: Introduction to the term ‘tic spectrum disorders” by Müller-Vahl et al. - https://psyarxiv.com/egknj

Kristin Moorehead on Twitter - https://twitter.com/K__Moorehead

Tourette Association of America, "Ben Brown's Story" - https://tourette.org/ben-browns-story/