Opening Up For Awareness Month

By Ben Brown

I’ve seen some seriously strong advocacy moves since Tourette Awareness Month began on May 15. Some of my favorites come from people who’ve used the time period (until June 15) to open up publicly about having TS, provide info about what it is and how it applies to their lives, and invite questions from anyone wanting more.

I’d like to highlight this one from a Touretter named Cail, whose backstory is kind of similar to mine: had TS since childhood and got on cloaking its noticeability rather than living with it openly (or publicly or freely or naturally, whatever the right word is). Well, after Cail and his son were both recently diagnosed with ADHD, Cail considered the link with his Tourette Syndrome and sought further info. In the process, he found the podcast, related to the guests’ personal stories, and ended up making a bulk of silicone wristbands for awareness. According to his website, a good portion of the proceeds goes to the Tourette Association of America.

But then he thought over how he’d never opened up to the people in his life about having TS; he’d only told a select few. So he straight-up went for it on YouTube with a video, titled, “I have Tourette Syndrome.” It’s three-and-a-half minutes and smoothly humanizes the explanation of what Tourette Syndrome is. Thanks, Cail!

And thanks to the masses of you sharing similar stories. I know this is one of so many successful communications. Keep it going!