Jaleesa Jenkins Appears on TV's 'The Employables'

By Ben Brown

One of the most potent guests ever to appear on Tourette's Podcast was just on an episode of A&E's "The Employables," the docuseries at the intersection of disabilities and job-hunting.

The episode, "Cursing with Confidence," follows Jaleesa Jenkins and her Tourette Syndrome through the search. (While TS gets the focus, Jaleesa does manage other disabilities discussed in Season 2, Episode 1 of Tourette's Podcast — and for real, you should hear it if you haven’t.)

Episodes of "The Employables" are viewable at aetv.com, though it might prompt you to log in via a TV provider. You can also see Jaleesa in the trailer for the show's current season.

After the airing, Jaleesa shared her thoughts about the appearance on Twitter. She warns the thread includes spoilers.

“For anyone who's watched it, I REALLY wanna hear your thoughts,” she said.