SEASON 3 FINALE! Episode 14 - To Any Average Viewer

If you watched the recent season of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, you'll recall notably energetic contestant Wendy Diaz. Wendy joins us on this episode, the finale to Season 3, and opens up about her life with Tourette Syndrome through rapid-pace honesty. We discuss her portrayal and how she thought the show handled her TS; Tourette hyperpower; aversion to sleep; social weirdness; strange takes about TS (from a large TV audience); being known for more than your TS; and trading tics, including a "sign of the cross" tic she ended up giving Ben. Plus: Great answers to the question about jury duty with TS; a Tourettic race-car driver; a thoughtful fundraiser; and something big that happened to Ben this past week. This episode closes out Season 3, but work is already underway on the next one, and there's plenty happening in the interim. Updates and more on this website.

Wendy explaining her TS on ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’

‘Survivor’ profile on Wendy

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S3 - Episode 13 - Rusties and Ralphies Per Minute

An episode you'll love with guest Dylan Frost of the UK, whose story of Tourette Syndrome is fairly different than most. It’s led him to question convention while he works as an advocate (a prolific writer on Quora) for the community. He also brings a favorite analogy for what it's like living with the disorder. Plus: listener questions and a truly, solidly great TS art project.

Dylan Frost on Twitter 

Writing about how Tourettes Action helped him find funding for CBIT 


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S3 - Episode 12 - Imitating a Snake

Peter Zhao was born and raised through boyhood in China before he moved to the U.S. and became the affable, freestyle-rapping online presence many of you know as Fabulously_Tourette. Peter, while multitasking (finishing up a bowl of soup, later changing his child's diaper and performing other home activites during the conversation) takes us from his youth and early family dynamics to establishing himself in New York and later incorporating Tourette Syndrome into his persona. He used to struggle with aspects of it; he's now content. Peter also gives an interesting explanation of his coprolalia, discusses his own tic-management preferences, and talks with Ben about racial diversity in TS. A rewarding episode covering territory Tourette's Podcast hasn't hit before.

SENSORY NOTE: While it's an awesome conversation, there's some background noise in parts of this episode, as we caught our guest in his duties as a father caring for two children at his home. Sometimes, different background sounds from the phone call overlap and could sound a little chaotic to people sensitive to such things. That doesn't occur throughout the episode, but there are a few, limited parts that get a bit noisy.

The prevalence and epidemiology of Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. Part 2: tentative explanations for differing prevalence figures in GTS, including the possible effects of psychopathology, aetiology, cultural differences, and differing phenotypes. (Thanks, Dr. Conelea!)

Things mentioned during the episode:

A National Profile of Tourette Syndrome, 2011–2012

Sunshine Summit August 2019 Livestream! Think of questions to ask Ben on Aug. 12 at 9 p.m EDT.





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S3 - Episode 11 - Everything Was a Laser Noise

As Tourette Awareness Month continues, we hear Jason from Australia, a guest as warm and comforting as hot chocolate, throw down some seriously quotable stuff here about accepting Tourette Syndrome, laughing about it from time to time, and being a darn good parent. Medication, meditation, gaming, mentoring and more discussed.

Plus: a couple special announcements.

But we start with a question -- should we rename Tourette Syndrome? Yes, that question is going around.

Jason's show, Experience This 2

"Rename Tourette Syndrome?"

Sunshine & Powercuts (Tourette's Podcast will be part of its August 2019 Summit)

S3 - Episode 10 - Exorcism

Clay Jones, M.D., is a pediatrician with TS. He’s a frequent contributor to the Science-Based Medicine blog and serves as a voice helping us all to be more skeptical of fantastic claims. We also discuss his personal background with Tourette Syndrome and examine celebrity perpetrators of the lame Tourette’s joke.

Clay Jones, M.D., on Science-Based Medicine

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S3 - Episode 9 - Not Real Housewives of Tourette or Anything

Packed episode with an amazing guest -- one you might already know. Kristin Moorehead has been on A&E's "Raising Tourette's" and continues strong advocacy for the community with the kind of humor that connects. Great lessons in advocacy, finding resources, and having a laugh. Plus: A non-Touretter question answered and followups to recent haps in TS science.

A Patient-Centered Perspective on the Future of Tic Disorder Diagnosis: Response to “Tic disorders revisited: Introduction to the term ‘tic spectrum disorders” by Müller-Vahl et al. -

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Tourette Association of America, "Ben Brown's Story" -

S3 - Episode 8 - Physics Books For Fun

In a way, this is a different kind of episode. Liam is only our second non-adult guest, and he brings along his super-supportive mom, Sarah, for an awesome, two-layered perspective on Tourette Syndrome. We hit diagnosis, meds, school, social things, and other intersections with that just-before-high-school age, with solid parental insights. Don't miss their stories. Also, big news in TS treatment. And a new patron thank-you.

New AAN Guideline for Treating Tourette Syndrome and Other Chronic Tic Disorders:

TV news spot on the guideline

Treating Tourette Together Summit

Tourette Canada conference info

S3 - Episode 7 - Guinea Pig

An amazing response to Kimmy's episode last week. A big thanks. Awesome upcoming events. And a super fun guest, Anthony, who in addition to TS has a podcast about nerd culture and gaming, which we dig into before talk on music, confidence, and parenting a TS child. Oh and ... MTS, anyone?

Dads Beards Nerds

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S3 - Episode 5 - Ended Up With An Egg

From the London area, Alex Kozobolis is a gifted artist (photography, music and more) and conversationalist with a command of great TS analogies and really respectable perspectives on what TS means for the core of people -- that is to say, any of a trillion things, but often with great empathy and relatability. Please check out his work at Plus: A listener has a question about tics and age; and a hobby-informed tic?

S3 - Episode 4 - And Then I Watch the Video

We hang out with Akiva, a rabbi and teacher who shares a fascinating past with Tourette Syndrome and one of the best dating stories we've ever heard. He's still exploring his TS. Hear how he's coming to terms and opening up. Plus: Answers for Jennifer, a response to last week's commentary about diagnoses, and a nice inclusion that may connect the podcast with new listeners.

Tourette Association of America Fiscal 2018 Annual Report (includes personal stories from Ben along with past podcast guests Jason Grant and Britney Wolf).

Podcast Patreon page

S3 - Episode 3 - You're Doing Something Right

For a while now we've had inquiries about expanding the age range among guests on the show, which until now has been entirely adult. It's a good point, and we could stand to hear the perspective of young people who've been listening to the podcast. Our first is Eliana, 10 years old and well underway with impressive ideas about living with Tourette Syndrome. PLUS: Listener feedback and a new way to support the podcast.

S3 - Episode 2 - Barrel Through

Remember our episode with CBS News' David Begnaud? And his mention of fellow journalists who've reached out to him since he opened up about his Tourette Syndrome? Well, we're about to talk to one of them -- TV news reporter John Bedell, who recently informed viewers that he himself has TS. His backstory is great and outlook strong. Lots of talk here about heroes and motivators.

S3 - Episode 1 - Untaped My Fingers

Season 3 is a go, and you're gonna love our first guest. She's a scientist, an advocate, and a true motivator to this podcast. It's Sophia! Also known as the Tourette's Podcast Discussion Group admin (and primary force behind the group), Sophia lets us in on her background with Tourette and autism, outreach, and perspective on the support community. Such an awesome way to kick off S3.

S2.5 Interim Episode! A Continued Evolution of Authenticity

Yes! A majorly special in-between-seasons episode here with very special guest David Begnaud, a CBS News correspondent many of you know -- either from TV, or the fact that he revealed recently that he has Tourette Syndrome, which got a lot of coverage. We pick up from there and discuss wide-open his background, tics, working as a recognizable journalist and thoughts on where TS ranks within his life and why. Really powerful episode. 

And stay tuned for a full, new season of Tourette's Podcast -- soon.

S2- Episode 15B - Take Off Your Gloves (SEASON FINALE)

SEASON 2 FINALE PART B! We end with one of the most deep and interesting conversations yet. Entrepreneur Niko is the founder of PRML Soul Clothing in Las Vegas and has quite a life story driving him, from his family's international search for TS relief to self-acceptance that tours through the deepest elements of human nature. His experiences roll into personal empowerment and life coaching for others, and it makes for a talk that ends on sharply engaging notes. Season 2 fin!

DISCLAIMER: Tourette's Podcast is not a medical or therapeutic advice show. It's purely about our experiences and what they've made of us. Talk to professionals about what's right for your life.

Video about Niko, "Strength in Adversity" 

PRML Soul 

Niko on Twitter 

S2 - Episode 15A - It's Worth Our Effort

In the first of a two-part season finale, we've got two special guests -- Tourette Association of America President and CEO Amanda Talty, followed by Matt Capriotti, a scientist whose research is furthering our understanding of TS and its impacts. Talty answers listener questions and talks about changes going at the Tourette Association to better support the TS community of all ages. Capriotti lays out findings from a recent study of life outcomes for people diagnosed with TS. This is massively interesting stuff with loads of points about people, awareness, and where we're headed.