S1 - Episode 14 - A Metal Drawer, Almost (SEASON FINALE)

It's the finale of Season 1, and we have a highlight guest in Tim Bissell. His past work in the TV industry and current work writing articles for publication all seem to have some thread with Tourette Syndrome, and how could they not? It's such a shaper. Favorite thing about this talk with Tim: he's the first person Ben spoke with who, like Ben, has "visualizations" along with his tics, which really opened a door -- or a drawer, as you'll hear. So many high points in this episode, and it's a great way to close out Season 1 (amid Tourette Awareness Month, no less). THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Classroom presentation on explaining TS to school kids - http://jonesing2create.com/classroom-presentation-on-tourette-syndrome/

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month - http://www.tourette.org/about-us/5-ways-raise-awareness/