S3 - Episode 12 - Imitating a Snake

Peter Zhao was born and raised through boyhood in China before he moved to the U.S. and became the affable, freestyle-rapping online presence many of you know as Fabulously_Tourette. Peter, while multitasking (finishing up a bowl of soup, later changing his child's diaper and performing other home activites during the conversation) takes us from his youth and early family dynamics to establishing himself in New York and later incorporating Tourette Syndrome into his persona. He used to struggle with aspects of it; he's now content. Peter also gives an interesting explanation of his coprolalia, discusses his own tic-management preferences, and talks with Ben about racial diversity in TS. A rewarding episode covering territory Tourette's Podcast hasn't hit before.

SENSORY NOTE: While it's an awesome conversation, there's some background noise in parts of this episode, as we caught our guest in his duties as a father caring for two children at his home. Sometimes, different background sounds from the phone call overlap and could sound a little chaotic to people sensitive to such things. That doesn't occur throughout the episode, but there are a few, limited parts that get a bit noisy.

The prevalence and epidemiology of Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. Part 2: tentative explanations for differing prevalence figures in GTS, including the possible effects of psychopathology, aetiology, cultural differences, and differing phenotypes. (Thanks, Dr. Conelea!)

Things mentioned during the episode:

A National Profile of Tourette Syndrome, 2011–2012

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