S3 - Episode 8 - Physics Books For Fun

In a way, this is a different kind of episode. Liam is only our second non-adult guest, and he brings along his super-supportive mom, Sarah, for an awesome, two-layered perspective on Tourette Syndrome. We hit diagnosis, meds, school, social things, and other intersections with that just-before-high-school age, with solid parental insights. Don't miss their stories. Also, big news in TS treatment. And a new patron thank-you.

New AAN Guideline for Treating Tourette Syndrome and Other Chronic Tic Disorders: https://www.aan.com/PressRoom/Home/PressRelease/2721

TV news spot on the guideline https://youtu.be/iAqTbQQ3E78

Treating Tourette Together Summit https://www.treatingtourettetogether.org/

Tourette Canada conference info https://tourette.ca/ts-conference-2019/