S3 - Episode 9 - Not Real Housewives of Tourette or Anything

Packed episode with an amazing guest -- one you might already know. Kristin Moorehead has been on A&E's "Raising Tourette's" and continues strong advocacy for the community with the kind of humor that connects. Great lessons in advocacy, finding resources, and having a laugh. Plus: A non-Touretter question answered and followups to recent haps in TS science.

A Patient-Centered Perspective on the Future of Tic Disorder Diagnosis: Response to “Tic disorders revisited: Introduction to the term ‘tic spectrum disorders” by Müller-Vahl et al. - https://psyarxiv.com/egknj

Kristin Moorehead on Twitter - https://twitter.com/K__Moorehead

Tourette Association of America, "Ben Brown's Story" - https://tourette.org/ben-browns-story