SEASON 3 FINALE! Episode 14 - To Any Average Viewer

If you watched the recent season of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, you'll recall notably energetic contestant Wendy Diaz. Wendy joins us on this episode, the finale to Season 3, and opens up about her life with Tourette Syndrome through rapid-pace honesty. We discuss her portrayal and how she thought the show handled her TS; Tourette hyperpower; aversion to sleep; social weirdness; strange takes about TS (from a large TV audience); being known for more than your TS; and trading tics, including a "sign of the cross" tic she ended up giving Ben. Plus: Great answers to the question about jury duty with TS; a Tourettic race-car driver; a thoughtful fundraiser; and something big that happened to Ben this past week. This episode closes out Season 3, but work is already underway on the next one, and there's plenty happening in the interim. Updates and more on this website.

Wendy explaining her TS on ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’

‘Survivor’ profile on Wendy

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